Chloe. Eighteen. Edinburgh.


Joey Ramone, by Mitchell Kearney

Anonymous said: How do you choke someone when you're having sex? I'd be really worried I'd hurt my girlfriend but I want to try it? You said it's pretty good right?

When you are on top just grab their throat and push down, they’ll tell you if it hurts or if they don’t like it

I can’t help but feel like I’m so fucking unwanted and worthless. What is the point anymore? I might as well give up


I follow everyone back!

I follow everyone back!

Anonymous said: You always complain you are feeling low and worthless. Do you think people like it when you comment on how they look? By the way everyone has different body shapes, nobody asks for it. Ive gone right off you. People have feelings.

What are you talking about?

lairseverywhere said: Chloe is awesome beyond compare. Anyone who puts her down or makes her think less of herself are the ones who are worthless. Chloe you are beautiful, talented, funny and so many things, but there are not enough characters allow for me to explain! Love ya!

You are adorable, thank you so much sweetheart. I really appreciate your kind comments. Especially when I’ve been feeling this low

Anonymous said: I hate seeing you being negative on twitter, but nobody should ever feel like they are worthless, i saw your tweets this morning and just wanted to come and hug you. Nobody deserves to feel like that, but i guarantee you are not worthless, you are worth something, you wouldn't be here if you weren't. You will always mean something to someone, and are most likely the reason someone is still alive, and that's pretty big. I don't know you, but you are beautiful, inside and out. Never forget it <3

This is very kind of you. Thank you so much. I really appreciate it

Patient with rabies, 1959


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